The Event

"ITV call it the fastest growing sport in the World. And London will be home to a Masters tournament as of October 2019.

Already in 9 countries, the World Padel Tour (WPT) brings together the best players from around the world, playing in front of growing audiences. 200,000 fans watched the WPT tournaments live last year, with a 16 million spectator reach across attendance, tv and digital platforms.

One of the fastest paced games, in tandem with impossible recoveries, players climbing the court walls and big personalities. Padel delivers incredible entertainment value and will soon have the UK public cheering for one of the heroes or villains of the WPT.

The London event will be one of the 6 highest prize money and ranking points tournaments on the professional tour which will take place at The London Padel Centre at Bishop's Park, Fulham from the 13th to the 20th of October 2019."

Tom Murray, Director of British Padel:

“It's a huge opportunity to get great visibility for padel in the UK, which is what the sport needs right now. It's new to London and the UK, so finally the British public will see padel played at the highest level and that will drive them to try it out. It can attract a very wide public, and is a very social sport that can really benefit the British public.”

Mario Hernando, CEO of WPT:

“It is an important matter for a global company as WPT to be present in a city like London. In such a sports-loving atmosphere, we are completely sure that padel is going to overwhelm the audience. Not only the organizers but the players are willing to show to the exquisite English fans, with a long tradition of respect and care for racket sports, why padel is a big success in Spain, Italy, Brasil, Argentina, Sweden and other countries.”

João Martins, CEO of SW19:

“I love the hype around padel: the growth rate, the low barrier to entry, balanced male/female ratio, the surge in courts across Europe, the predicted 4x ROI in relation to tennis… but most of all I love to watch it. This really is a spectacular sport. The first time you see a player sprint through the court door and hit the ball back into play almost from a spectator's lap, you are hooked. Guys like Sanyo Gutierrez, Paquito Navarro or Bela will toy with your emotions. Padel is up there with the best live sports. And the best live sports need to be in London, to break into the A-League.”


The venue: London Padel Centre

This is the projected venue at the London Padel Center.
In October, Bishop's Park will be the center of the world of padel!

Featuring 3 state of the art courts installed by Easipadel, the new London Padel Centre hosts regular LTA Padel tournaments and will also be the venue for the London Padel Masters on the 14th until the 20th of October, the 6th Masters Tournament of the World Padel Tour.

Know more about the London Padel Centre at

"This fantastic event gives everyone the opportunity to not only watch the best players in the world but play alongside them, padel truly is a sport for everyone."
Chris Warren, Managing Director of the London Padel Centre



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